Shehama Sassman

Being an enthusiastic woman of Arabic origin, I aspired & set out to find a way to reach out to my community & especially the needs of women in general.

With self confidence in hand & an enthusiastic outlook on the future, I started out in the Motor Industry finding my niche as a Bookkeeper & trainee accountant at a well established company, the massage course I undertook was totally out of character for me.

Lo & behold! My teacher & mentor as well as myself was amazed at the amount of care, love & talent that I displayed.

Swedish massage is something I enjoy, something I love something & I have come to need in my life.

This is how I have incorporated my need to give to others into my need to have satisfaction.

My aspirations pertaining to Swedish massage, does not extend itself to Power, nor to wealth & selfish gains

I simply love giving in this manner.

This type of massage, which entails manipulating the soft tissues of the body, has so many positive benefits.

The most important benefit to me is the stress relief it offers our stress suffering society

In future I intend to develop my skills with studies of Thai massage & reflexology.

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