Shahieda Davids

I had a short career as a food technologist, because I decided to be a stay at home mom when motherly instinct kicked in.

This lasted for about 5 years when the thirst for more to life could not be quenched any longer.

I completed a diploma in computerise bookkeeping through correspondence.

I am now working as a bookkeeper at a well established reputable company.

Amidst all this excitement of change and growth another opportunity knocked at my door, Swedish Massage, completely different from my chosen profession.


It brings me in “touch” with people.

It made me realise how cold and impersonal working with numbers and computers actually are

With massage I enjoy the healing effects my hands give to others.

In a sense massaging others have a de- stressing effect on me and my soul, just the thought that I can make a difference to the well being of others.

This is definitely a path I intend to pursue further, with Thai massage and Reflexology in the pipeline.

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